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This is Copernicus.
Copernicus is the senior dog at our house. His hobbies are playing catch, barking at imaginary bad guys, and he is a skillful amateur escape artist. Copernicus enjoys treats, especially the ones that look and taste like genuine imitation bacon. This year is the first time that Copernicus got a haircut, but he seems to like it and he'll probably do it again next year when it gets hot.

This is Stripe and Bully.
Stripe and Bullygoat Stripe, the brindle Lab, came to stay with us of her own free will. Shortly thereafter she had twelve little ones. One of which is Bully. Bully is the only one of the puppies that we kept. Mostly because he looked like the dog my family had when I was a boy. Now he is a family member in his own right. We call him Bullygoat because he used to play with the neighbor's goats. Bully is also an amateur escape artist, he and Copernicus share their secret escape methods. 

Stripe's hobbies include scratching, biting at fleas, and annoying Mama. She recently learned to go under the fence and has been introduced to Mr. Chain

We just added a kitten to the crew. Her name is Coco, she has the same colors as Stripe. I find it amusing that a dog of their colors would be called a brindle, while a cat is called tortoise shell. Go figure.
Coco special delivery!

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