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Tom's General Blog — Profile

Name:  Tom Thacker

Location:  London, KY
Birthday:  3 September, 1957
Bio:  Born at Ft. Knox, KY to an Airforce family. Grew up in Ohio. Joined the Army in 1977 and stayed until 1983. Worked security at a Nuclear plant until 1989.Learned appliance repair and refrigeration at Hammond LA. Now doing service work and back in Kentucky.
Interests:  Music, play guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukelele, and harmonica. I just bought my first keyboard. BTW I also like to listen. My tastes are eclectic, I like alot of different stuff. Lutherie, I'm curently building my first ukelele, learning the theory of stringed instruments, and I also have a cookie tin banjo in the works. Science, Mostly physics, string theory, and other physical sciences. Tinkering, I'm a life member of the Handyman Club of America, I like to tinker with things and fix stuff. I make my living repairing restaurant equipment. I'm also a life member of the NRA, a political independent, and a Grandpa.
Blog Created:  Tuesday, 10 January 2006
Last Updated:  Wednesday, 2 April 2014 - 11:25 PM EDT
Blog Entries:  4

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