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Tom's General Blog
Sunday, 15 November 2009
Mood:  down

I got up this morning intending to take my bike for a ride. So I go out take of the cover, turn the key and hit the started, it turns, but no start, I tried everything and ran the battery down. This is identical to what happened a few weeks ago and the plug was fowled, it never gave me a problem for a year, I guess its time for a new plug.

So i pushed it around front and did some work to it. I removed the warning sticker from the gas tank and also removed the Boulevard badges from the sides of the tank. I now have the "All Seeing Eye"similar to what was on the bike in "Then Came Bronson". I took a few pictures and then pushed the bike into the shed to attach the battery charger.

This may well have been the last bike weather for the winter, but maybe not. I don't believe I was riding this late last year, but its hard to tell what Kentucky weather will do.

I really need to get the bike to a parking lot and go over some of the basics I've lost. I was riding with my cousin a while back and he mentioned that I was draging my feet a lot when stopping. So the next time I went out I tried to pay attention to what I was doing and sure enough I was sticking my feet out and stopping with the front brake. This is not how I was trained and I know better. So my best bet is to find a big parking lot and just practice starts and stops for as long as it takes. 

 I think I've traced back my issue of the feet. I went to put the bike away after dark one evening and the dew had already started to fall and I dumped the bike in the grass, then a few weeks later I was trying to park in a grass field just after turning from gravel, I dumped the bike again. The second time I'm sure I had my feet down because of the wet grass and hit the front brake with the wheel turned.

Of course I can't practice when the bike won't start, soI guess I need to buy a spark plug.

Posted by tomthacker at 7:56 PM EST
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Sunday, 25 October 2009
Just another blog.
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: first entry

This isn't my first entry, this isn't even my first blog, well maybe it was but I have had several, and I deleted the entries here a while back as they were no longer relevant, and nobody read them anyway.

I had a myspace page, with a blog, and a facebook page, which is a form of mini-blog, and even twitter. I've said goodbye to all three.  I haven't updated myspace since last March, facebook just became to much drama, and twitter was, in a word, usless.

There was a time before myspace, facebook, and twitter, where web savvy people, and a rare few not so savvy, like me, had personal web pages, whese were written in html and posted to a web host, just like this page. Actually, the blog is different and wasn't here in 1997 when I first started this page, it  is an app provided by Lycos and Tripod.

I have links on here to another site where I keep genealogy info, I also  have one blog, political in nature, and another dedicated to my lack of musical talent and  refusal to admit it. those are on blogspot and I will post the links to my main page. I also have an account with youtube, photobucket, and soundclick.

Maybe one day I'll go into why I booted MS,FB and Twitter, but for now I just don't want to dredge it up.

Posted by tomthacker at 3:00 PM EDT
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